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My Data Source is Missing

Updated Apr 22, 2021

LCFM Native can handle using additional FileMaker files as data sources, however it needs them to be added in a specific way and does not yet support all possible paths to the data that FileMaker offers. If you have received an error that there is a problem with your data source, here is how you can fix it.

Note: Apps will still compile with missing data sources, and if that particular source is not important to your built app, you can ignore the warning. If it is used by the app however, the app will not function correctly.

Datasource is not a single file reference

While FileMaker allows you to reference the same data source more than once, in different locations for example, LCFM does not. You must only have a single reference to your data source in the "Manage External Data Sources" dialog. To edit your data sources go to FileMaker>Manage>External Data Sources.

In this dialog highlight the source you want to edit and click Edit, you should arrive at something like the screen below:

In this example, I have two paths to the same file. I need to delete one of them for LCFM Native to work. After you have compiled the file using LCFM Native, you can add your second source back in FileMaker, if you need to.

The data source contains $$variable references

FileMaker lets you add a variable file path to your data source. LCFM Native does not yet support this. You need to give it a full or relative filepath to the file. Again, you could add this back to your FileMaker solution after you have completed your compile with LCFM Native.

The filename does not match the reference name

In this screenshot, not only is there a duplicate reference, but the name at the top is not the same as the actual name of the file:


You must match the name of the datasource to the filename.  I need to change the name of the file to "interface" or change the name of the datasource to Sample Event Management-interface.

"Missing Data Source" error

If you get this error, it suggests you have not added the file you want to use as a datasource to the project. If I really wanted to use the "interface" file as a data source for this project, as well as setting it up correctly in the FileMaker Data Sources, I would need to drop it into the box on the first LCFM Native project setup screen, together with the main solution file. (Note, you should not do this with the interface file generated by LCFM Native, I have merely used this as an example file for this lesson).

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