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Download and Install LCFM Native

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Welcome to LCFM Native!

The LCFM Native tool allows you to convert your FileMaker solutions to native standalone applications. In this build the supported deployment platforms are Mac,  Android and iOS.

LCFM Native requires Mac OS Mojave or greater to run, there is no Windows version at present.

This guide will provide detailed instructions with screenshots for each step you have to take in order to convert your FileMaker solutions to native Mac, Android and iOS standalone apps that do not require anything else to run.

Getting your download

To download LCFM Native, log in to your account, here:

Use the email address and password you set up the account with.

Once you are logged in, you will see this on your Downloads screen:

If you see "Select Developer" instead of your name or the name of your app developer (1), then click on the drop down arrow and select your name. Once you have done this, click Download Compiler.


Locate your downloaded dmg file and double click to open. You will probably see a "verifying..." step and then the installer will open.

Drag the LCFM icon (1) into the Applications folder (2).

In your Applications folder, double click on LCFM Native.

You will get the dialog above, click on Open and then you will see this:

Agree to the EULA and then you will see this:

Enter your account email address (1) and password (2) and click Log in (3).

Congratulations, you have installed LCFM Native, and are ready to move on to the next lesson, Setting up your Android Device.

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