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Fine Tuning - Syncing settings

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You can edit your syncing settings from the profile settings.

The settings in here are those that I chose when going through the build and sync process. They can be changed here.

1. Check this box to enable your app to sync with the server. Uncheck it to make it work offline only.

2. Set the time between syncing actions.

3. Set the time between automatic checks for deletions. Checking for deletions takes a long time, so unless its vital to your operations you might not want to do it too often.

4. Choose whether you want to check for deletions from a commit by the end user ie not an automatic sync.

5. Set how many times you want to attempt to reconnect if you experience a connection failure

6. Choose whether or not your app immediately syncs on startup. You might not want to do this if you have a lot of data to sync initially. You might want to open your app quickly and give the user some kind of feedback or warning before syncing, so they don't think the app has crashed while its doing the sync. Alternatively, you might want to sync on startup to get the very latest data and display it immediately to the user.

7. Use this setting to set an amount of time to try and complete a sync before aborting. A value of 0 means do not time out.

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