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Edit Your Project to Add Syncing

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We're now going to add syncing to an existing project, created via the "Fast Start" process. Alternatively, you can start a new project choosing "Regular Start" and go through the initial compile steps to reach the syncing screens. Before you start this section, ensure you have covered the "Preparing to Sync" chapter and have added the necessary fields to your solution, got a FileMaker Server to deploy to, turned on Accessibility and the Data API and checked your keyboard is a Qwerty one.

Choose your project

On the "My Projects" screen, click Edit next to the project you want to add syncing for.

The next screen will have your solution details prefilled. Note: your username and password here must be for a full administrative account. If it is not, there will be data access problems when LCFM starts creating the gateway solution.

Click Continue. Your solution will go through the parse and compile steps to the implementation report. Click next. You will arrive at this screen:

We're here because we want to add syncing, so click "Yes" to Does your solution need to synchronise? You now need to decide if you want to extract data as well. 

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