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Deploying for iOS

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Let's get your compiled FileMaker solution onto iOS. Before you start this lesson - if you haven't already, you need to install Xcode and set up a development profile. If you're all ready with your Apple Identifiers, Certificates and Xcode, let's go!

Select your project

On the My Project screen, click "Test and Deploy" next to the project you want to build for iOS.

Add a new profile

Click "New Profile".

Click on the iOS icon and click next.

Select Phone or Tablet and click next.

Choose which orientations you want to support, and tick the one you want your app to open on. Click next.

Build for Distribution

You can choose here just to test on your device, by plugging in your device to your computer. For this lesson, we'll choose Build App for Distribution.

Select a Provisioning Profile

If you haven't already set up your provisioning profile, please check this lesson. If you have one, select it from the dropdown list here and click continue.

Enter your app ID and click continue. If you're not sure what this is, check this lesson.

You should see the screen above. After a few minutes, it should move on to ask for your password:

Enter your computer account password to code sign your app.

You should finally get the screen above. To locate the app click "Open in Finder". You can now move on to the lesson on getting your app from your computer onto your iOS device

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