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Extracting Data Without Sync

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If you are creating a completely offline app, you may want to extract data but not set up syncing. This article covers that process.

On the Data Options screen, select No to whether you want to sync, and yes to build including your solution data. You will see LCFM extracting data as in the screenshot below. For a small app, this should not take long. For a bigger app with lots of data it could take quite a while. The good news is this step does not lock up your computer, you can carry on working while it extracts your data.

When the data extraction is complete you should arrive at this screen:

Select the platform you are targeting, in this case Android, and click next.

Select whether you are building for phone or tablet, and click next.

Choose whatever features your app might need to use on the phone. I've selected all of the above, for an app that takes photos, scans barcodes, uses the microphone and offers location services. Click next.

Choose the orientations you want to allow for your app. Click Next.

You can now test on your device, or build for distribution.

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