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Keyboard Settings

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LCFM Native requires you to have an English UK or US Qwerty keyboard selected. If you use a different language or keyboard, you must set up a Qwerty option, and select it before running the compile steps of the LCFM Native compiler. If you are already using US or UK Qwerty, you can skip this step.

Open your System Preferences and select Language and Region.

Click Keyboard Preferences.

Got to Input Sources (1) and click the + symbol (2)

Select English (1), and then either US (2) or UK and click Add (3). Close System Preferences.

Go to your Mac menubar at the top right of the screen, and check that the new keyboard has been added to the list of options.

Before running any compile step in the LCFM Native compiler, switch your keyboard to US or UK Qwerty. You can switch back for any password entries you need to make but make sure you revert to a Qwerty keyboard before continuing.

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