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Buying your first license

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If you have a trial of LCFM Native, you will have been able to test your apps on Mac and Android. To test on iOS or to deploy fully built apps to any platform, you need a license. There are several routes to getting your first license, this lesson covers purchasing from within the compiler tool.

Click on Buy Now in the top right corner of your screen.

Log in to your portal online.

Go to the Apps tab (1) and click on "New App" (2).

Make the appropriate selections here for your app and click Buy Now. If you aren't sure what kind of license you need, you may want to check our License Definitions lesson here. Go through the purchasing screens, then log out of your account and log back in again to see your new app pack.

I now have a new app, named "untitled". We need to change that before using it. Click on "Edit" next to your app pack.

Enter a name for your app (1), a description (2) and click Save (3).

We now have an app we can ship against when building a FileMaker solution in the LCFM tool.  Go back to the LCFM tool, and log out of it. Log back in. You should now see the trial information has disappeared. Click "Deployment options" next to the project you want to build as a shipping app.

If you have built this app before, you will have at least one deployment profile to choose:

Click on Test and Deploy, and you will now see on the build screen, the option to build for distribution.

You are now ready to move on to the next lesson, the Named User Script Step.

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